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Project Description
A pluggable C# interface implemented for various translation service providers (Glosbe, Google, Microsoft Azure, and Yandex) using PCL along with a sample app.

This project is a pluggable interface model, written in C# and based on the Portable Class Library, that provides an abstracted interface to a variety of different translation service providers. Currently implemented interfaces include:
  • Glosbe
  • Google Translate
  • Microsoft Azure Translate
  • Microsoft Terminology Service
  • Yandex
Each service provides slightly different functionality which is exposed via a read-only property on the interface. As one would expect, those services which offer more functionality (i.e. Google & Microsoft) come with registration and payment requirements. See the Documentation page for specifics on each implemented service and what you, as the the developer, need to do in order to enable the service.

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